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Music Therapy

Providing music therapy

As a Music Therapist

Carolyn employs a type of music therapy called neurologic music therapy (NMT). It is a brain-based approach to changing human behavior through music.

With this approach rhythm, melody, harmony and musical dynamics change behavior as we come to recognize the patterns in the music. Gradually we anticipate our thoughts and plan our movements in new ways. NMT can improve voice production and pacing; increase coordination, movement endurance and timing; or lengthen attention span and help with decision making, problem solving and improved memory. Other areas benefited by NMT intervention are:  non-verbal communication, social interaction, self expression, and academic and musical skills.

Neurologic music therapy is effective with individuals with cerebral palsy, Asperghers’ disease, autism, Down’s syndrome, brain injury, stroke,  Parkinson’s disease, aging issues, developmental disabilities, and physical disabilities.

Music time can be the highlight of the week for participants, bringing enjoyment and fulfillment besides learning and growth which then carries over into the home life.

Carolyn uses her music therapy training to encourage audience participation in 'play-alongs,' giving groups of all ages (including older adults) access to percussion instruments and props such as scarves, hoops, and balls for creative movement, self-expression and social interaction.


As a Healing Harpist

Carolyn with AutoharpHarp therapy is one tool that can be used as part of a music therapy program for an individual or group.

Carolyn uses the sound of harp music to help soothe people who are suffering by altering their mood, relieving pain, lessening isolation, or allowing control of their environment.  The sound of harp music can help those who may be transitioning from life to death in home-bound or in hospital, hospice, or long term care settings.  The harp music provides spiritual support and can elicit memories of life stories to share and enjoy.

She helps families and their loved ones deal with their loss in varying ways: through music as a distraction or music for comfort, beauty and joy.  Carolyn also offers meditative music to aid relaxation and healing.

She even plays her harp at the bedside and the graveside of the deceased.


Teaching Music for Healing

Carolyn has supervised students to play for hospice and memorial services, directing their attention to the quality and mood of music chosen.  

Many older adults who are starting the harp are interested in recreational music making for memory and focus enhancement, creative expression, and new learning for brain stimulation and health.

For adults from around the U.S., she gives an annual workshop on healthy harp playing called, The Whole Harpist Program.
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